This beautiful historic tenement house was established in the second half of the 19th century. The construction works were probably completed in 1877. This building, one of the most impressive tenement houses in Legnica, was supposed to become finally the so-called “Tenement Palace”. Occupied by representatives of the then aristocracy and financial leaders, modeled in the Viennese style, it was a real showcase of the bourgeoisie, and its location in the town center provided the additional value in terms of representation.
In the years 1905-1906, the expansion was carried out and the building’s owner became a credit institution run by the Legnicko-Wołowskie Towarzystwo Ziemskie
(Liegnitzer-Wohlauer Fürstentumslandschaft)
The founders of the “Tenement Palace” assumed the use of unoccupied space for rental purpose of business representatives and wealthy persons of that period. Among other things, this is why the ground-level part of the tenement house (ground floor) became the seat of the Regional Bank, and more precisely of the Branch of the Silesian Regional Bank in Wrocław. Its director was Curt Schumm, a well-known enthusiast of photography and chronicler of Lower Silesia, who at that time lived in apartments on the top floor of the building.
After Curt Schumm’s death (10.02.1945), the tenement house was taken over by the Russians. It became the seat of The Garrison Headquarters and a hotel for Soviet citizens who had been sent to work and military service to Legnica and were waiting for the assignment of a service apartment.
Around 1970, the building was adapted for apartments for Soviet officers and their families. It is worth adding that compared to other accommodations those apartments had very high standards.

In 1987 the tenement house came at last into possession of Polish authorities.


Taking up this difficult task, we want to meet the highest requirements. Satisfying the needs of future buyers is one of our most important priorities, which is why all works will be carried out under the supervision of the historic buildings conservator. We want to make the future buyers enthusiastic about the neoclassical style combined with modern solutions taken from the modernist style.

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