The Park Residence is first of all a historic apartment building situated in the very center of Legnica. It plays the representative role in the town. The unique and exceptional location of the building provides the prospective residents and users with the opportunity of making use of the town’s rich infrastructure. In the very close neighborhood there are:

  • City Hallway, Cathedral 50 m
  • Tax Office 200 m
  • County office
  • The nearest shopping malls 100-200
  • Town park 40 m – an extensive green area with bicycle paths, stadium, places to relax, town palm house
  • Town Square with restaurants, cafes and theater 100 m
  • art galleries
  • theatre
  • museum
  • schools (both primary and secondary)
  • town park
  • public transport stops
  • shopping centers
  • cafes and restaurants
  • train and bus station (4 minutes by car, about 15 minutes on foot)

Would you imagine that you could reach all these places without using a car? Here it is possible! The location suits different lifestyles. People, who want peace and quiet, can go for a walk to the city park. Only a few Polish cities can pride themselves on having such a large green area in the very center!
On the other hand, people who are more interested in the cultural life and entertainment can use the offer of Legnica’s art galleries, theater, as well as cafes and restaurants located in the center.

Sales and Management

Progres Development Sp. z o.o. Spółka komandytowa
ul. Pocztowa 7/25
59-220 Legnica