Prace końcowe
















Parking further works




Wooden stairs, staircase 13A




Parking works are underway



Further work on the parking lot





Commencement of works on the construction of the car park.




Installation of railings strad







Installation of stairs, staircase 13A






Elevator mechanism in the staircase 13B





New stair treads on the staircase 13B




Elevation from  Mickiewicza Street

Attic ceilings





Elevator shaft in staircase 13 A







Installation of the elevator shaft in the staircase 13 B
Further renovation and conservation works on the facade.
Renovation and conservation works on the facade.
Wooden window sills installed on the third floor.
Final works for the elevator shaft in staircase 13 B
Plastering started on the 3rd floor.
Basement renovation works, new walls and doorways.
Plastering of the attic walls is finished.
Plastering of the attic walls was started
New windows from Witelona street
Next batch of windows fitted.
Windows mounted on the facade from the courtyard part I.



Next part of windows in assembly.


The first batch of windows is already installed





Works on the facade from Mickiewicza street



Replacement of balconies from the yard







Completion of initial plastering of the internal facade, further insulation of foundations.



Further work on the internal façade



A new layer of plaster on the internal facade

Insulation of foundations
Implementation of a wooden band around the roof
and new plaster on the internal façade
Shed the old plaster and proceed to perform a new facade.
Windows ready for assembly
  Recreation of (non-existent) stairs and door opening from Mickiewicza street
Panorama from apartment 13B / 10




Hydraulic and electrical works inside the building






Attic knee wall height about 145 cm
Wall works, partition walls inside the apartments
The final stage of works with the roof and ceilings.
Cleansing and impregnation of ceiling beams on wooden ceilings.
Ceiling above the basement, keramzyt, reinforcement and concrete screed.
Pouring the floor
 Further work on the roof
Timber foor truss mounted on the larger part of the roof.
  Wall plate located on the outer rims, the attic walls rims completed preparation for the construction of a larger part of the roof.
          Demolition of damaged parts of chimneys and damaged parts of external walls, making new chimneys and walls, making a wreath under the rafter around the attic, new walls on the residential part of the attic.
Installation of a wooden structure of the upper part of the roof.






Cover the roof, demolished, putting new walls under the new roof construction, pouring wreaths fastening the external walls of the building and as a basis for a new roof truss.












Strengthening and insulating the attic walls before mounting the roof truss.



The demolition of the roof started.


Current works consist in pouring the ceiling in the attic.


















At present, the works include construction of a wreath for a new ceiling. The works include demolition of old ceilings and removal of old plasters.



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